• Mack James


Canada is a great place, just let me say.

I just came back from the grocery store. Not much of a line to get in today. The door monitor was friendly. Same thing inside. Order and good cheer prevailed. Product was available.

As we know, such is not the case everywhere. Suffering is widespread. Nerves are frayed. People are dying.

But around here, not so. The flowers are out. For the most part, people are patient. Every evening at 7pm, they stand on their porches and bang on pots in recognition of health care workers. We are fortunate.

Added to that, the government has kicked in big time. Not that I’m a fan of this government, and not that the economy might never recover from it, but it’s pretty good on the short term. We must be the envy of the rest of the world.

And that’s about what I have to say right now. Canada is great, especially our west coast corner of it. The sun is out. We’re lucky. Hallelujah. O Canada.

Another day. A day after the Snowbird crash in Kamloops.

Those Snowbirds were going across Canada trying to bring some cheer. Good on them. Many segments of this country aren’t especially in need of good cheer—ours among them—but many more are. After that plane crash, sorrow has increased, ironically in the ranks of those attempting to sustain Canadian morale. A cruel twist.

They won’t be in our town as scheduled today, but I went out anyway just to look around. Once again, I gotta say this is a great place. Great country, great province, great city. One among many others on the planet, I’m sure, but still pretty darn good. We are blessed.

Today I walked out the front door, which featured mountain vistas, lots of flowers, sun and spring breeze, neighborly neighbors, birds, clean streets, and a long long list of other good things. Yesterday we walked out the back door, which opens onto a golf course, and behind that a lake with walking trails, park, trees, flowers, and much more. Eagles even.

Ya. So I’m rattling on and that’s ok. The world is absolutely chock full of stuff to be grateful for. Our little corner of is really full to overflowing with it. So I got some gratitude going on today. As they say, thank God for that…

And peace to those hurting people in Kamloops and elsewhere. I would feel hypocritical offering “thoughts and prayers” from my favored little bubble, but think I will anyway. As they say, God only knows….

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